Human Capital Strategies and Solutions



Our consultants understand the components to effective workforce planning and how to align workforce planning to succession plans.  We complete full environmental scans, have a thorough view into the current workforce profile, use supply and demand data in the existing labor market, complete in-depth analyses for a sound representation of the future workforce, and we finalize risk assessments and risk mitigation.  All of these factors assist our consultants advance your organization's workforce and succession plans.



People analytics, a data-driven approach to managing people at work, helps organization leaders make people decisions centered on data analysis.  Our consultants use statistics and refined analyses to discover people-related issues then use data to better analyze the key components of your staffing cycle.  We'll deploy diverse analytic methodologies, predict performance for hiring and for optimizing internal mobility, and predict attrition.  We apply people analytic principles to improve collaboration and discern talent analytics to learn how data may be used in skills assessment and employee development.



For continued growth, businesses that have Talent Management practices and programs in place increase the chances to retain top talent – to be certain that your company can secure the right people at the right price and  at the right time, call on BluPrint to determine the skills, competencies and experiences needed to run your business  over the next few years, we’ll quantify the gap between what you need and what you have – then BluPrint helps you to acquire the expertise through staff development and hiring.



We are proud of our ability to understand your company’s training needs then delivering training programs via several formats – on-site, via the web and/or pre-recorded sessions if that best fits your requirements.  BluPrint trainers can train-the-trainer or deliver training sessions directly to your staff in a variety of subject matter areas to include harassment, communication, interviewing, violence in the workplace and more!



Let BluPrint, LLC design your performance management system and processes – our subject matter experts have years of practical experiences developing performance evaluation systems (paper-based and electronic) in various industries.  We’ll ensure that your performance management system is fair, meets the needs of the business and has ease of use.



We want our clients to have a total reward system to help retain their best and brightest workers - how do we do that? Our experienced consultants assist in developing a compensation strategy, conduct job analyses, job reclassification, draft job descriptions, compare internal salaries to the external market ensuring equity, develop salary ranges and levels for each job category and participate in market surveys to ensure that your compensation plan is competitive and compliant.



Our team of subject matter experts are trained in developing policies and procedures.  Our consultants are experienced in writing employee manuals, corporate policies and procedures and other communication to help manage behaviors and guide employee relation investigations and processes.



BluPrint can help you stay compliant with local, state and federal laws to prevent legal action.  We assist our clients prepare for OFCCP and DCAA audits – we’ll write your Affirmative Action Plan(s) and ensure that your diversity programs are in tact.

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