Building Your Brand & Data Driven Marketing: Using E-Business and Social Media

Building Your Brand & Data Driven Marketing: Using E-Business and Social Media


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Engaging, practical and forward-looking, this course will inspire you to design and implement data-driven marketing strategies for your organization. Representing a profoundly diverse approach to marketing, the workshop presents a rounded view of data-driven marketing by including concepts from branding, campaign management, marketing metrics & analytics, technology management, change management and finance.


In a collaborative BluPrint environment, you will learn how to measure marketing ROI, justify marketing spending, maximize marketing impact in consumer and business-to-business settings, optimize internet marketing, adopt best practices for client lifecycle management and implement state-of-the-art segmentation techniques. Other topics include simplifying data analysis, future trends in marketing, value-based marketing and search-engine marketing.


In this program, you will learn to:


  • Define, design and launch a data-driven marketing strategy
  • Radically improve campaign performance using 15 essential marketing metrics
  • Quantify ROI of marketing initiatives
  • Optimize Internet marketing, sponsored search and social media campaigns
  • Make strategic decisions based upon customer lifetime value
  • Ask the right questions for successful deployment



    No cancellations or transfers are accepted within 1 (one) week (business days only) prior to the course start date or later. All cancellations prior to 5-business days of the course start date must be forwarded to In the rare occasion that a course is cancelled or postponed, please note our reimbursement is limited to paid fee only.


    This is an Instructor-Led (in person) course. All participant materials are uploaded to the training portal. Training portal link is provided 2-days prior to the start of the training date.


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