Boards: What’s the Value?

Boards: What’s the Value?


COURSE DESCRIPTION: While your corporate board may have broadly defined legal duties, its role in evaluating management, providing strategic oversight, and dealing with the complexity of today's regulatory environment is more critical in the global economy. Whether the issue is financial resilience, corporate strategy, executive compensation, or regulatory compliance, our program is designed to help you lead with thorough governance. You will learn what it takes to design an ideal board structure, lead the organization through periods of difficulty and opportunity, and bind the abilities of your board members to create a solid and forward-thinking board.


Joined by a group of board members, you will examine how boards struggle with reflective requests about their roles. We will uncover the modern thinking on the function of a board, interaction with management, and

overall board relations. As a result, you will discover how to strengthen the corporation's ultimate responsibility and performance while improving your ability to contribute meaningfully to corporate oversight activities.


You will learn what the board needs to do for greater impact—from designing the right structure and ensuring the right members to evaluating CEO performance measurement and compensation to planning for orderly

management succession and managing through crises. Upon returning to the boardroom, you will have the tools and frameworks to leverage the board's time, knowledge, and insights and ensure greater corporate oversight


    No cancellations or transfers are accepted within 1 (one) week (business days only) prior to the course start date or later. All cancellations prior to 5-business days of the course start date must be forwarded to In the rare occasion that a course is cancelled or postponed, please note our reimbursement is limited to paid fee only.


    This is an Instructor-Led (in person) course. All participant materials are uploaded to the training portal. Training portal link is provided 2-days prior to the start of the training date.


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